Tuesday, 29 November 2011

How to Draw an Octopus under the sea

STEP 1. Begin with a circle for the shape of the octopus' body and then draw in the facial guides.

STEP 2. Thicken the lining that you just drew for the top part of the head, and then draw out the first of seven arms.

STEP 3. All you have to draw here is the oblong shaped eyes, and then draw in the thin lining for the eyeballs like so. Next, make a small grin for this cute octopus.

STEP 4. Finally, draw out the rest of the simple looking arms. You already drew two of them, so all you have to do is draw five more. Erase the guides you drew in step one and you are all done.
STEP 5. This is how your drawing looks when you are all done. Now you can color it in, and be on your way.

My students done it!! \(^0^)/

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